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Gaseous Stationary Units Specifications

Engine Control: Remote start panel (unit mounted includes: Automatic / Local Start with complete engine protection for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, overspeed, and over crank (failure to start) and latched indication for each. Also a 3 position selector switch marked "AUTO-OFF-RUN".

Instrumentation: Large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel displays:

Engine: Oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery voltage, and running time.

Generator: Automatic phase scroll of AC voltage, AC amperage, and frequency with scroll lock switch.

Accessories and options may vary according to model and type of system selected.

20 to 125 kW-GM Engine
140 to 350 kW-Cummins Engine

Optional Equipment:
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Spring Vibration Isolators
  • Oil Drain Extension
  • Weather Enclosed Housing
  • 14 Ga. Steel Powder Coated
  • Sound Attenuated
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Digital LCD Remote Annunciator

    Fuel System Options

  • Natural Gas, Vapor
  • Propane, Liquid (Liquid Withdrawal)
  • Propane, Vapor

    Exhaust System Options

  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Industrial Grade
  • Residential Grade
  • Critical Grade
  • Stainless Steel Flex
  • Rain Cap

    Engine Electrical System

  • Float Type Battery Chargers

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