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View Senator Long's actual generator installation!

** Thanks for all! My 25000 watt generator arrived on schedule and we took many pictures while the electrical contractor installed it.. Thanks for the follow-up and your concerns to see my project complete in a timely professional manner. Thanks, RAMCO

U.S. Senator Joseph L. Ret.- State of Maryland

** A special Thanks from the United States Army
Thanks for your fast, extreemly curtious express delivery. Our generators arrived in great order and in time to be shipped overseas. Salutes from Special Forces Ft. Brag NC. US Army

Lt. Sacca

** Fire Department NY.
Upon searching the internet and speaking with many companies, we must say that your customer service and pricing was unprecedented. With so many things happening in the United States it is always nice to know that there are companies like Ramco Power Systems that are willing too offer special pricing to help public servants, like our fire department, that protect and serve.

Cpt. Tom with NYFD

** US Department Of Agriculture State of Wyoming
This small diesel portable generator has truely saved us a lot of time on our job site and made our work a whole lot easier and has continuely worked flawlessly.
Regards, US Department Of Agriculture State of Wyoming

** We have nothing but praise for Mr. Alex Ramos and all the friendly folks at Ramco Power. Overseas shipping is a nightmare anymore with the war and all. When Ramco was unable to deliver our generator within 30 days, we received a full refund via Paypal...and I mean a FULL refund! Mr. Ramos even included the shipping we paid AS WELL as the Paypal fee we would have to pay to retrieve the funds...and we didn't even request payment of the fee. That is the kind of service I remember from "the good old days". Not only that, but Alex Ramos agreed to provide the unit at the same price we originally paid when it does arrive from abroad. It is also well worth mentioning that throughout the transaction, the terrific people at Ramco Power stayed in close touch with us via telephone and email. I even had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Alex Ramos personally...which reminds me - I've bought plenty of Mustangs and even a few Chryslers in my life but I never got to talk to Lee Iacocca. Now retired, my wife and I are deeply involved in the sailing community in the Southeast United States. In the world of long-range cruising, good products and especially good, honest service can truly be a matter of life and death. Rest assured, everyone in our marina will get a demonstration of our new Ramco generator when it arrives. Again, I can simply say nothing but great things about Alex Ramos and Ramco Power.

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Pawluk & Lucy the Sea Dog Aboard the Sailing Vessel "Gretchen" 26° 38' North by 81° 53' West

** My fish loves Ramco as a member of the National Tropical Fish Hobbyist Association, purchasing my automatic home standby generator from Ramco, was an easy decision.... Upon seeing other fellow tropical fish hobbyists lose thousands of dollars because of freeze overs when ice and snowstorms caused power failure... Our fish tanks dropped below freezing... Even my electrician has opted to start doing business with Ramco..

Dr. Glenn S. - Catawissa, PA

** Dealing with Ramco has been a wonderful experience... we must say the consultants with this company really put an exclamation point on follow-up after the sale.. It has truly been a dream working with Ramco Power Systems..Our 20kW generator has been one of the best investments we have made in a long time... It exercises on time every week and we can't wait for the next storm to really put this unit to the test...We have now began recommending Ramco Power to our friends and relatives...

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. - Royal Oak, MI

** 2002 Was a year for hurricanes. After major storms back to back in the same month our decision was easy! Upon considerable research and dealing with several generator companies, we decided to work with Ramco Power Systems and their consultants because we enjoy working with professional friendly people... Living in Louisiana for majority of our lives, we believe in service with a smile and this company has really won the award and our trust..... Our 40 kW unit is truly a nice machine.....

Mr. and Mrs Walter R. Atty. - at - Law - Lafayette, LA

** Kathy and Friends at Ramco Power;

I apologize for not getting with you last week to report that I received the generator, (invoice 15961). Thank you for all of your assistance, has been a pleasure doing business with you. Happy Holidays!

E. Boise - Juliustown New Jersey

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